Welcome to ICSK!

We are a scholarly organization dedicated to student and professional development. ICSK hosts many opportunities for professional development by publishing in peer-reviewed journals such as the International Journal of Exercise Science (IJES) and Scholarship in Kinesiology’s Topics in Exercise Science & Kinesiology (TESK). Both journals focus on dissemination of student and professional scholarly activity. Visit each journal to see if your project is a fit!

ICSK also partners with IJES to host Research Week. This digital conference allows participants across the globe to interact and learn together from leaders in our field. Student Research Week removes the financial, travel, and time barriers often accompanying the attendance of a scholarly conference. Moreover, you can watch (or re-watch) daily keynotes and tutorials throughout the year! Members meet no restriction to accessing the conference content. Students, consider submitting your work for next year’sĀ Convince Me in 3 competition!

Why Join ICSK?

Other professional organizations limit access by selling memberships for up more than several hundred dollars per year. ICSK wants to minimize the financial burden for all members of the Kinesiology field by giving you access to an online conference (no expensive travel or registration fees), collaboration, and learning tools for only $25 per year. Beyond this, members receive discounts on indexing fees associated with publishing with IJES and TESK. ICSK membership practically pays for itself!

Annual Membership Benefits:


  • Free registration to Research Week- Year long Access to Tutorials, Keynotes, and Convince Me in 3
  • Discounted indexing fees when publishing with IJES and TESK (50% off)
  • Problem solve with other ICSK student and professional members on topics specific to your life as a student
  • Access to learning resources related to classes you will likely take as a Kinesiology or Exercise Science student
  • Participate in our annual Run Outside the Lines


  • Access to teaching resources and ancillaries published by other ICSK members
    • This is a new resource to ICSK- there will be limited availability soon after launch
  • Free registration to the annual Research Week and Run Outside the Lines
  • Discounted indexing fees when publishing with IJES and TESK (50% off)
  • Rights to submit creative works for publication in ICSK’s educational repository Educational Practices in Kinesiology
  • Problem solve with other ICSK members on topics related to teaching, research, and service through interactive discussion boards

ICSK Shop: Branded apparel and accessories are available for purchaseĀ here.

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