August 13, 2022

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From TikTok to Facebook, all the social commerce capabilities introduced in 2021


The camera app has been leaning into its AR lens capabilities this year. At its Snap Partner Summit in May, the company built upon the brand profile feature it rolled out last year, where brands can house profile videos, shoppable product catalogues and branded lenses. This year, profiles, and those shopping links, were opened up to merchants with a Shopify account. Apparel brands like American Eagle, Ralph Lauren, and Levis have also partnered with Snap to release Bitmoji clothing lines for users’ Snapchat avatars.

Snapchat’s virtual try-on lenses already include makeup, hats, eyewear, jewelry, watches, and bags. This year, the company did more to incorporate 3D body scanning technology to let Snapchat users see how apparel would look on them through AR try-on. In July, Snap acquired 3D AR developer Vertebrae to help the app offer digital apparel and asset creation as a service to brands.

Snap users can also now use Scan Shopping to scan an outfit to shop for similar looks. The company also introduced an addition to Scan Shopping called Screenshop, which allows users to shop from a screenshot uploaded to the Memories section. This feature is only available to a small percent of Snapchat users in the U.S.

In August, the company unveiled Snap Trends, a site where marketers can see what’s been trending on the app in the last 30 to 90 days. Users can enter any keyword, topic, or product name to see how it has performed over time.

Most recently, Snap rolled out “sponsored by” tags that show collaborations between brands and creators that link back to the brand’s profile.

On the agency side, Snap announced a partnership with WPP that gave its clients an inside track into using Snap’s AR technology and resources, with a focus on e-commerce. The partnership included classes from Snap on how to use its AR technology, creative production and campaign measurement. In October, Snap launched Arcadia, its new AR studio for brands.