January 18, 2022

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Meta Is Working On It

Most of us know what we want from Facebook. Family updates and sensational fake news! No, what we want is reform from within and regulation from the federal government.

Have we properly considered what the company that owns Facebook wants? The company that owns Facebook wants “updated internet regulations to set clear guidelines for addressing today’s toughest challenges.” Facebook also “supports a safe and secure open internet where creativity and competition can thrive.”

This is news. Or it’s PR. Visit fb.com/regulations and decide for yourself. Or, watch these two testimonials from earnest voices inside the company.

What’s your response to these commercials? Social Media Today had this response:

The music, lighting, and format are all designed to facilitate a more sympathetic, and human connection to these challenges, underlining that Facebook has 40,000 staff working on these problems, smart, regular folks like Rochelle and Jack and that it’s not some faceless, corporate behemoth hell-bent on world domination.

Also, Jack wears good shoes and people with good shoes and good hair are generally likable.

Q. Is the Metaverse Even A Little Bit Attractive?

Zuck is placing so many of his diamond-encrusted marbles in the Metaverse camp. Is this is a smart business move?

Will one billion human beings help Meta build an immersive online world, where you can temporarily discard your true identity and replace it with an avatar that’s free from earth’s gravity and society’s rules of conduct?

Zuck thinks he’s making a new and better online reality.

What do you think?