January 20, 2022

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Video: Cameo executive on marketing ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’

Leopold also discusses the rise of virtual celebrities on the app, like “Thomas the Tank Engine” and “Boss Baby.” Leopold was an early investor and early employee at the hot video startup, which has become a home for celebrities of all stripes to talk directly with their fans online, for a fee. Now, the app features animated stars, too, and it has been growing its business offerings under Leopold’s leadership.

Leopold talks about how Cameo is making more inroads in the marketing world. Cameo has been working with more brands, pairing them with the thousands of creators on the platform. This week, Cameo partnered with Mattel’s “Thomas the Tank Engine,” to distribute videos from the children’s character. People can order a personalized video from the virtual star for $20.

Earlier this year, Cameo developed its first animated partnership with “Boss Baby,” the DreamWorks Animation character.

In May, Cameo for Business was launched, which gave brands easier access to the roster of celebrities on the app, who set their own marketing rates. More businesses are working with Cameo celebs—often of the B-List variety—for internal corporate communication and ad campaigns.

“This all really leads up to access and access to celebrities,” Marty Pesis, managing director of Cameo for Business, told Ad Age in July. “And for us that means doing it in a very affordable way, doing it very efficiently from a time perspective, being very quick about it, and just having a large selection [of celebrities.]”

Leopold chats about the myriad marketing opportunities starting to pop up around Cameo, and the rise of virtual influencers like “Thomas the Tank Engine.” He also helps marketers understand the future of the platform.