January 30, 2023

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All the 2021 holiday ads and Christmas commercials


Disney’s holiday ad this year is an emotive tearjerker about a stepdad trying to fit in with his new family, a sequel to last year’s viral hit about a Filipino “lola,” or grandmother. In the new film for the EMEA region, the granddaughter from the 2020 spot is now a mother with two children, Max and Ella, and new stepdad Mike has moved into their family home.  The ad focuses on a storybook filled with Disney and Pixar characters, which was given to Max by his father. As Mike tries to bond with the two children (including with a near-disastrous gingerbread house episode) he’s eventually able to bring the stories to life. Once again, it’s set to a heart-tugging soundtrack, this time an original called ‘‘Love Runs Deeper,’’ performed by Gregory Porter.


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