January 16, 2022

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Jimmy Fallon joins Frito-Lay for a ‘Most Wonderful’ holiday spot

“In traditional brand marketing you have a very specific message that you have to deliver and make sure that consumers take away,” Bellinger said. “Here, the only takeaway we’re going for is that people really love the holidays, and they get to see their favorite brands be a part of it.”

In Fallon, Frito-Lay found an amiable and enthusiastic figure whose performance glows with an affinity for the holidays and brings the campaign to life, Bellinger said.

“Whenever you work with a celebrity you have that question: Is the person you see on TV the person you’re going to be working with? And I can say, he is exactly who he is. He was so legitimately enthusiastic, energetic and collaborative. He was invested,” Bellinger said. “Having someone like that was what made this so special. And we got to tap into all of Jimmy’s personalities.” It’s not the first time the company has turned to the comedian—he supplied the voice-over for Pepsi-Cola’s 2018 Super Bowl ad.

The new ad was shot in Los Angeles and New York less than a month ago and is set to debut in its full two-minute form during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, which airs on NBC on Nov. 25. The Kendrick ad, which was also two minutes in its full form, only got shortened versions to a television audience. The brand plans heavy social media promotion around the debut and is counting on Fallon to share it with his millions of fans.

“The holidays are the time of the year where you have a chance to make people feel something. You can evoke an emotion,” Bellinger said. “It’s just a matter of figuring out what’s true to your brand and doesn’t feel forced—doesn’t feel like you have to ask ‘Why is this brand talking to me in this way?’ That’s where we’ve been true to ourselves. We’re a brand that delivers joy, so we want to make sure that comes across.”

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