January 15, 2022

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Netflix giving away Squid Game doll, Stranger Things bike

Items include the creepy “Red Light, Green Light” doll from “Squid Game,” Lady Whistledown’s papers from “Bridgerton,” Mike’s Schwinn bike from “Stranger Things,” Geralt of Rivia’s wolf medallion from “The Witcher” and Maeve Wiley’s school locker from “Sex Education.” Each limited-edition item has a unique serial number that identifies the exact moment it appears in its respective show for the first time.

Other prizes include VIP trips to some of the shows’ immersive experiences, such as “The Queens Ball: A Bridgerton Experience” in Los Angeles in March 2022, and a trip to Paris for the premiere of “Emily in Paris” season two. One winner will also get a lifetime subscription to Netflix. To enter, viewers need to visit propdrop.shop and register.