January 21, 2022

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Reddit shutting Dubsmash video app

Reddit is a site based on user-run communities, called subreddits, dedicated to specialized interests like TV shows, finance, news, music and memes. Reddit has about 52 million daily users, according to the company’s latest official stats.

Reddit has been encouraging more video consumption by building products like Reddit Public Access Network, a livestream video hub. “Reddit is where passionate communities come together for timely, interactive, and authentic exchanges about topics that matter to them, and video is increasingly core to how people want to connect,” the company shared Tuesday.

But video is a tough format to crack for many social media companies. In August, Twitter shut down Fleets, its short-form, video-sharing experiment. Twitter previously acquired and then canned Vine, the app that popularized six-second video creation.

Still, there are success stories. Facebook bought Instagram and kept that as a vibrant photo and video app, and Google bought YouTube, which is the most popular online video site with 2 billion viewers.

Reddit says it is making gains in video and will start to include more video-creation components. In its announcement, Reddit reported that video hours watched on its site increased 70% from January to November, but did not share how many overall hours have been watched. On Tuesday, Reddit also revealed new features in its camera, including new filters and stickers, which are creative elements that people stamp on their videos.

Reddit pointed former “Dubsmashers” to continue to connect at a subreddit called r/dubsmash, but that community does not appear very active, with only 26 subscribers. But Reddit also highlighted other subreddits like r/dance and r/nextf*ckinglevel, which are filling up with videos, pointing the way to how Reddit communities could become more visual in the future.