February 8, 2023

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An ode to Hamburger Helper

Helped her hamburger

Musical numbers bent on brain domination became a thread through Helper’s marketing. The above ad, scored by jingle-makers Paul Libman and Paul Iams and featuring Len Dresslar, the original voice of the Jolly Green Giant, weaponizes a joyous, gospel-style tune sure to keep listeners trying to remember tongue-twister lyrics “Hamburger Helper helped her hamburger help her make a great meal” for hours afterward.

Libman recalls composing demos for multiple lyricists competing for the project, also from agency DDB Worldwide. The “Helped Her Hamburger” lyrics “created by a writer named Larry Cohen, was the clear winner,” he told Ad Age this month.

“In my opinion, it was both because of the repeating ‘h’ alliteration,” said Libman, “and the memorability of the ascending melody lines that the lyric suggested to me.”

Libman and Iams created many Hamburger Helper songs as the product’s line expanded.

“A big part of the fun was working with Joel Cory, the wonderful voice of the Helping Hand. A true pro (and a great sport), he really brought the character to life.”


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