September 30, 2023

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STN Video Launches Hosted Sports Betting Site Enabling Publishers to Expand Betting Coverage and Revenue

STN Bets helps publishers leverage the growing trend of interest in, and legalization of, sports betting without having to dedicate time, resources and expenses to satisfy user demand! Benefits include:

●       Turnkey hosted betting site skinned as the publisher pages that remove barriers to entry into the lucrative and engaging sports betting market
●       Multiple revenue streams to share with publishers
●       Contextually relevant, expert content that increases engagement while making sports betting easier
●       Dedicated support team

New York: STN Video, creator of the industry-leading online video platform (OVP), has launched a new sports betting site called STN Bets ( It will be deployed across hundreds of sites in every DMA where sports gambling is legal, has pending legislation or is soon projected to legalize.

According to the Associated Press, sports betting is expected to be a $37 Billion dollar industry in the United States by 2025. Nearly 40 states have legalized or have pending legislation surrounding sports betting (source:, and according to, half of all U.S. adults have made a sports bet at one point.

“STN Bets is a natural extension of what we do already, which is helping publishers create value and capture audiences in high interest areas by delivering outstanding content, technology and monetization opportunities,” says Grant Whitmore, Head of Strategic Partnerships at STN Video.

STN Bets Capitalizes on Audience Intent
STN Video and its shared publisher  audience  have a 200% likelihood compared to the general population for having an interest in sports betting, STN’s publishing partners will  benefit  multiple revenue streams, including video pre- and mid-roll advertising, display advertising, and (in markets where online sports betting is currently legal) affiliate referral opportunities from premium online sportsbooks.

“Sports betting is on fire right now, but many publishers are at risk of being left behind because they don’t have access to expert sports betting content, have limited product development resources, lack the individual scale necessary to create favorable revenue relationships, and are not in a position to manage the complex regulatory requirements,” says Grant Whitmore, Head of Strategic Partnerships at STN Video. “We’re excited to be delivering this solution on behalf of our publishers, and believe that solutions such as these are an important part of supporting our publishing partners.

Turnkey Hosted Pages
Each STN Bets page is customized to recreate the look and feel of the publisher’s own site, giving users the impression they’ve never navigated away. The anatomy of every STN Bets page is designed to provide expert information that demystifies the online sports betting process and encourages responsible betting with reputable online sports books.

To learn how you can add STN Bets on your website, email [email protected] for more info.

About STN Video
STN Video is North America’s largest independent online video platform, helping digital publishers, content providers and advertisers thrive with online video. STN Video delivers brand safe video from more than 200 providers, including MLB, Rolling Stone, Variety, Associated Press, the NBA and Bloomberg and in contextually relevant environments across 1,800+ trusted, local publishers, including the New York Post, LA Times, The Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald and more.

STN Video has a library of 1 million videos and counting, spanning sports, business, technology, entertainment, lifestyle and more. Using Smart Match AI-powered technology, publishers simply place one single embed code on their website and relevant video content is matched with their articles.

STN Video offers advertisers a premium environment for their brands combining an industry leading scale of over 1 billion monthly available impressions with the granularity of local and diverse audiences across North America.

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