May 18, 2022

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Corona is opening a branded private island

The idea is to highlight Corona’s brand positioning as a “beer that was born at the beach” as well as its sustainability agenda, something it has been heavily promoting in recent campaigns. In March, it debuted an environmentally-friendly six pack holder made from barley straw, and it has also been running TV ads about protecting beaches. For World Oceans Day, it commissioned the U.K.’s first “100% natural bar” in Cornwall, England in a campaign via David. And it has also highlighted its natural ingredients by reversing its bottles on shelves in Argentina, to show off the label.

Corona is striving to get the island “Blue Verified” by the environmental NGO Oceanic Global as part of its Blue Standard program, and Oceanic will help educate both guests and staff about the program. 

The number of guests will be strictly limited as part of Corona’s efforts to ensure the island operates with a minimal environmental footprint. There are two ways to visit. First, on Giving Tuesday (today), Corona is holding a global auction that will offer one winner and nine guests an exclusive private island experience. It will include a week-long stay in 2022, with auction proceeds benefiting Oceanic Global.

Following that, residents of 11 countries (Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Paraguay, Peru and South Africa) can earn “miles” towards a stay at the island by purchasing selected Corona products. The island will also be open via invitation and local enter-to-win opportunities.