January 19, 2022

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Cardi B launches vodka-infused whipped cream with a sneaker drop-inspired ad

Taking a page from the sneaker community, the non-dairy brand will sell its first three flavors (caramel, mocha, and vanilla) through a limited daily drop, in which the first 500 people to sign up each day will be able to purchase a maximum of two cans. Each day will feature a different flavor of the trio currently available and people will be able to choose from three different sizes. The drops will end on December 31st.

While the campaign emulates a party-like gathering, Ross Sklar, CEO of Starco Brands, says Whipshots, which was four years in the making, is designed to be consumed by all types of demographics across a broad number of occasions.

“The vision was to bring a new tool that could potentially be incorporated into the fabric of our culture when we think of celebrating,” Sklar said. “If you think about innovation and spirits, you really have to think hard to remember what was the last innovation that really capitalized on celebration. It can work at really any celebration, whether it’s college campuses or mom book clubs.”

The brand was first announced in September and has been anticipated ever since, Sklar added. Currently, over 25,000 people have already registered on the Whipshots website to be notified of updates from the brand.