February 8, 2023

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Univision adopts consumer behavior data to prove TV drives business results

Univision, Mediahub and EDO are remaining tight-lipped about brands other than Ulta Beauty that have expressed interest in utilizing the outcomes-based measurement, though Krim did confirm that unspecified players in the insurance and wireless industries have been among early adopters.

The data utilized in this partnership represents an amalgam of historical information gathered by both EDO and Nielsen, allowing Univision to strategically deploy—and guarantee “with high statistical confidence,” said Krim—future ads and their performance in a way that’s aimed at proving brand lift and engagement for Mediahub’s clients.

“Historically, television has been a unidirectional consumer product,” said Brian Lin, senior VP of product management for Univision’s advanced advertising sales arm. He likens it to radio—a medium where you could broadcast a message out, but seldom have enough of a return to prove any kind of efficacy.

Univision’s partnership with EDO is not its first venture into new audience measurement currencies as of late, with the Spanish-language media company increasingly looking beyond the traditional scope of Nielsen to consider alternative complementary measurement data sets.

Just last month, the broadcaster announced that it had enlisted Comscore as its exclusive ratings partner for a trio of TV stations it recently acquired from Entravision Communications. Univision had previously partnered with Comscore for many of its digital audience measurement needs.

“We are now, like many other media companies, looking at every option to measure our audiences,” Roberto Ruiz, Univision’s executive VP of research, insights and analytics, told Ad Age in November about the company’s opportunity to “just start fresh” with a new TV currency in those three U.S. markets.


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