January 14, 2022

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Why Albertsons is starting its own retail media network

“It’s a growth lever for retailers, something all of their manufacturer partners—their vendor partners—are looking for,” said Argyilan. “Consumers are embracing the types of programs we’re putting out to the world because it’s based on what we see groups of consumer audiences starting to respond to. We’re giving them the information, or the promotion or the inspiration that they’re looking for.”

On the podcast, Argyilan also discusses how Albertsons is navigating rising prices and changing consumer behavior during the holiday season. “The idea here is to continue to be flexible and offer all of the different ways that people are wanting to shop us and just continue to acknowledge that people are going to be looking for convenience,” she said.

Albertsons is paying close attention to the supply chain and making sure the company is ready to react if necessary to any product shortages. “Even if there are gaps in the supply chain, it’s making sure we continue to drive great choice for consumers, and that comes from the right product mix. How do we use our owned brands to fill in any gaps that we might be seeing from a national brand and vice versa,” she added.