May 20, 2022

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VCCP’s controversial TfL road safety ad pinpoints an important issue

Transport for London has pulled this road safety ad from VCCP after, yes, a Twitter “storm,” resulting in 70-odd complaints so far. From cycling supporters mainly it seems, who object to be being seen as (unintended) menaces on the road, on a par with cars.

Sure, as radio host Jeremy Vine has pointed out, cycles are hardly the danger to life that unfeasibly large cars are. We live in a 20mph zone where the average car speed is at least 40, because dear old Haringey council won’t instal cameras.

But cyclists do sometimes seem disposed to see themselves as a species with special rights (saving the planet and all that) despite often ignoring traffic lights and the like – and pedestrians. Electric scooters have made it worse.

VCCP’s plea for a little more understanding and tolerance is surely on the mark.