August 13, 2022

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Best of Adpulp 2021 – Adpulp

The year is not yet concluded, but I have concluded that the following articles on are my favorites of 2021 (so far).

A Book for ‘Ad People’ with Brains

The Machines Have Moved In. The Machines Have No Feelings.

Ad Legends Who Shaped the Modern Craft of Advertising

Introduction to Marketing Effectiveness (A Primer)

How To Stop Boring People and Make Your Presentations Sing

Ad Chatter, the Podcast from the Makers of

How To Get Clients To Respect and Adopt ‘Creative Solutions’

It’s Time for New Routes Up the Agency New Business Mountain

Respect The People Who Make the Ads That Make Clients Rich

Curtail The Tall Tales, Or Get The Hell Out of the Booth

For me to like an article and recommend it, as I am doing here, the piece needs to contain more than news. For readers of, the value is often in the news. Hence, our binary “Advertising News and Know-How” approach to the editorial product.

The following articles on continue to be popular well after their initial publication date:

Billie Eilish and Adobe Do the Celebrity Endorsement Dance

Bud Light Seltzer Packs Flavor Explosions in Tye-Dye Cans

“Joie de Hooha” Is Utterly Natural and Totally Achievable

Errol Morris Documents Chipotle’s Freshness, For Real

Rosser Reeves, Ad Legend

Raymond Rubicam, Ad Legend

David Ogilvy, Ad Legend

Helen Lansdowne Resor, Ad Legend

There Was A Dream And One Day I Could See It

How To Get Rich While Working In Advertising

Carhartt Wants America’s Workers To Be “Fit For The Next Frontier”

It’s gratifying to have any readers at all, and particularly pleasing to see four articles from the Ad Legends series appear in the popular articles list.