May 16, 2022

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How pre-purchase video consumption drives e-commerce

Multi-touch me I’m sick

“Multi-touch attribution isn’t dead,” Ad Age’s Jack Neff reports, “it’s just a little under the weather, despite the impending loss of cookies on which it long depended. That’s according to a new report by MMA Global, which believes tech workarounds and a more expansive view of marketing return-on-investment analytics will breathe new life into the measurement tool.”

Essential context:  “[T]he report cites recent research by Neustar (a partner in the MMA study) showing an MTA simulation using cohorts of 10,000 people across a million records produced an attribution bias (or error) of only 1%,” Neff continues. “That suggests workarounds such as Google’s Federated Learning of Cohorts could be highly accurate, said Lou Paskalis, the former Bank of America media executive who recently became president and chief operating officer of MMA Global.”

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Watch, shop, buy

Video analytics firm Tubular Labs is out with new research that draws a clear line between video consumption and specific categories of consumer spending on Amazon. Essentially, it confirms what we all know anecdotally—that before buying certain kinds of products, consumers increasingly do research by watching videos related to such products—and backs it up with data.

Two key highlights from Tubular’s new white paper, “Social Video and Ecommerce: Converting Views to Dollars,” which the company shared with Datacenter Weekly exclusively first:

• “[O]ne out of four (25%) consumer electronics sales on Amazon comes from social video audiences who have consumed content about that category. This translates to around $24 billion of influenced sales for the electronics category.”

• “In the apparel category, 23% of clothing, shoes or jewelry sales is influenced by consumption of health & fitness content”—which translates to about $15 billion of influenced sales.

Learn more: You can download a (free) copy of Tubular’s new report here.

Essential context: Tubular serves as the data supplier for the Global Video Measurement Alliance, which includes Group Nine, Discovery, Digitas, ViacomCBS, BuzzFeed and other major players (as well as Tubular itself).