January 18, 2022

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Why more agencies are offering web accessibility to clients

Agencies of all sizes are incorporating web accessibility as part of their offerings. Some do it because it’s the right and inclusive thing to do, some to mitigate the risk of unnecessary litigation and many others are already aware of the fact that accessible websites simply perform better. Either way, if your agency is not in the web-accessibility game yet, you could get left behind.

By making your clients’ websites accessible, you’re increasing their potential reach to the 20% of the population that has a disability that might interfere with how they use websites. These are not only paying customers but also loyal ones who want to be part of the digital world. Agencies who understand this are already ahead of the game.

The value that web accessibility adds to your clients’ websites is immense. More importantly, clients are expecting and trusting agencies to bring web accessibility to their attention. 



Thousands of agencies are providing web accessibility as part of their offering, and here are a few reasons they prioritize it as a must-have solution for their clients:


1. AI saves time and money in the process of making websites accessible, making it easy to prioritize it on a daily basis.
Artificial intelligence-driven website accessibility makes it possible for agencies to offer web accessibility to all of their clients without having to choose between being inclusive or staying on budget. This is because AI’s automated nature takes care of the heavy lifting and does most of the work. 

This is particularly valuable for agencies that don’t have a dedicated accessibility developer on staff or can’t allocate valuable resources to this project. AI-driven web accessibility saves you money as an alternative to costly services and experts, as well as time so you don’t have to become a master in complex guidelines, long processes and maintenance.


2. AI-powered web accessibility technology offers 2-minute quick and easy installation.
Your time is valuable and that’s why new agency endeavours need to be justified with ROI. While web accessibility has always been valuable, the process of achieving it can seem a bit daunting for any agency. It’s time to remove the stigma that web accessibility is complex and time consuming. 

Technology has dramatically evolved and now allows agencies to open their clients’ digital doors to everyone. The simple 2-minute installation of an automated accessibility solution on any website makes the process achievable for any and all agencies. 


3. New revenue streams are created while doing good.
Agencies are constantly looking for ways to generate new revenue. Web accessibility can be easily incorporated as a new revenue stream for your agency because it’s a foundational part of building any website.

Just as you charge for development and design as part of your standard quote for any website, the same goes for web accessibility. Thus, you’re generating more revenue from each and every website you create, with an added value of being an inclusive agency.


4. Web accessibility improves performance, from reach to SEO and the user experience.
AI-powered web accessibility solutions are business-friendly tools that ensure clients are happy with the performance of their digital assets. When making websites accessible, you expect more traffic because you’re increasing potential reach by 20%, since one in five people have a disability that requires accessibility adjustments on websites. You’re not only opening your goods and services to more customers but also to a wider audience of their peers. That’s because people with disabilities are the most loyal customers: When they find an accessible website they will come back and also tell their friends and family.

On top of that, the user experience is dramatically improved by allowing people to customize their experience to their abilities. By doing that, you will prolong dwell time, reduce bounce rate and improve SEO and conversion rates. If the website isn’t accessible, viewers will quickly bounce out and this could impact your performance score.


5. You will maintain a good online reputation for your agency and your clients.
If you’re an active agency in 2021, then improving inclusion efforts shouldn’t be something new to you. With all eyes on brands and companies to make an effort to include all types of customers, this includes agencies as well. Making websites accessible is not only the right thing to do, it’s also the best way to stay compliant with accessibility legislation and mitigate the risk of unnecessary litigation. 



In addition, these inclusion efforts improve online reputation. While there may be no such thing as bad publicity, you can avoid taking that risk by providing accessibility websites to your clients. The hard work you put into building a name for your agency can be further secured with web accessibility, so you’re not put in a position to take responsibility for one of your clients not having an accessible website. 


6. Web accessibility is win-win-win for your agency, clients and people with disabilities.
AI-powered web accessibility solutions are valuable for everyone involved. Your agency helps clients perform better, your clients reach more customers and people with disabilities get access to the web and all it has to offer. Does it really get better than that?

The process of making your clients’ websites accessible and compliant is much more agency-friendly, so it’s no wonder that thousands of agencies are already prioritizing web accessibility and incorporating it into their offerings. So don’t stay behind!

Gain clarity of the status of your agency’s websites accessibility and compliance with accessiBe’s free, private and comprehensive accessibility testing tool. In a matter of seconds, you’ll have the information you need to begin your web accessibility journey.