January 14, 2022

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John Oliver’s take on snack and beverage branded video games

Oliver starts the segment by dissing present-day marketers for lazily “camping out on Twitter [and] spamming whatever the current hot meme is”—he singles out brands including Chips Ahoy, Pringles, Cap’n Crunch and Pop-Tarts—and then praises the unlikely efforts of 7-Up, Cheetos and Pepsi to reach “the youth” with elaborate video games back in the ’90s. He also throws in an extended look at Chex Quest, a first-person shooter game from, yes, Chex, the breakfast cereal brand that also tries to position itself as a party snack.

“The point here is, snack foods should tweet less and make games more,” Oliver declares near the end of the segment, before graciously offering up free branded video game ideas for Chips Ahoy, Orville Redenbacher, SpaghettiOs and Chef Boyardee.