September 30, 2023

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Ad Chatter: Joe Cole Talks About Clean Creatives and We Are Rosie

A new generation of ad pros is getting more vocal about what they’re willing (and not willing) to work on, and how to do their work. Joe Cole is at the intersection of both of those ideas. He’s the Creative Strategist for Clean Creatives and a Creative Recruiter for We Are Rosie.

In this 35-minute Ad Chatter episode, I chat with Joe about whether fossil fuel advertising could become as verboten as tobacco marketing has been and why other related businesses like banks and gas stations aren’t targets of this effort.

We also discuss the We Are Rosie platform, the benefits of not being tied to full-time employment, and what hiring managers are looking for in ad talent today.

Joe is optimistic about Clean Creative’s chances of making a difference.

We know that there are a lot of conversations at agencies and holding companies about this…we’ll continue to put pressure on them from the outside and give them tools, resources, and ideas to connect with their colleagues and make a change.

He’s also bullish on remote work for creative people in advertising.

We’re seeing a great decoupling of people not being as tied to working 50-60 hours a week, traveling to and from an office, and having that being such a major part of their identity.

Tune in to this latest episode and hear from the man who is taking it to “the man.”


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