August 11, 2022

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Tracee Ellis Ross on Pattern and what marketers can learn

How she markets the brand

As the face of Pattern, Ross is heavily involved in the brand’s marketing. From the beginning, she focused not on problem-solving, but on celebrating, she said.

“It’s more about meeting the needs than actually solving the problem—there is no problem, we just need the support and the celebration,” she said.

Ross herself appears in Pattern’s online videos and tutorials—something that was spurred by the lockdowns of COVID-19. She called Pattern a “mobile-first brand” focused on social media, where much of the advertising occurs.

“When it comes to marketing, it really is about sharing the information. It’s the education of the products, it’s creating content that really matches and mirrors the community that we serve, it’s about continuing to expand people’s understanding both of ourselves and our own hair,” she said, adding: “The truth is, that during the pandemic, we had to get creative. I had to get creative and the majority of our ads are me in my home with the products.”

Ross said those ads have done “incredibly well” as the authentic content resonates with Pattern’s community.