August 13, 2022

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2021 in Review: Top agency mergers

S4 merges with … everyone

S4 Capital, the self-described “anti-holding company,” began the year busily adding holdings to its two original companies: Media Monks and Mighty Hive. S4’s model offers 50% cash and 50% stock to companies it partners with, so it terms the processes mergers rather acqusitions. In January, Decoded was merged into S4’s content arm Media Monks and Metric Theory merged into data and digital media arm Mighty Hive. Then in March, digital hotshop Jam3 joined the ranks of S4 and was folded into Media Monks.

But S4 still wasn’t done. In August, its Executive Chairman Martin Sorrell, whose LinkedIn now refers to him as a “senior monk,” rolled all the S4 companies into one. The 24 companies previously under the Media Monks and Mighty Hive monikers have now been united into one group, Media.Monks, adopting that name and operating under one P&L. And in September, it added yet another merger partner: culture agency Cashmere.




“We’ve created what we call an API model based around six foundational structures,” said Media.Monks Co-founder Wesley ter Haar. “We call them the six Cs. We have our client teams, country teams, capability teams, core teams, our corporate teams, which is corporate services like best-in-class HR and legal and finance, and then our category teams. Each of these teams have leadership and they define their interface to the rest of the organization.”

Maximum Effort and MNTN

Ad tech firm MNTN pulled off a coup in June by acquiring Ryan Reynolds’ ad agency Maximum Effort. The actor, whose agency swiftly made a name for itself with ads featuring Hugh Jackman for Laughing Man coffee, hilarious spots for and clever commercials for Reynolds’ own Aviation Gin, announced the acquisition in his inmitable way with a video in which he played his own twin brother.