August 13, 2022

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5 questions with John Legend

What was the last ad that made you buy a product?

Usually food ads work on me, like a good pizza ad. I saw DiGiorno had a croissant pizza ad and I was like I want that pizza and I got it. It was actually delicious.

How do you decide what brands to partner with?

First of all, I have to really think the brand makes great, quality products that I would be proud to endorse. I want something that I would use myself or that I would be very, very confident recommending other people use as well. So, I want to believe in a product and believe that it’s a good thing for people to buy. And believe that if I put my name behind it, it’s something I can be proud of.

Secondly, I care a lot about the creative because I’m in the content creation business and I think about the creative all the time: whether it’s going to look good, sound good, be smart, be interesting, be funny—whatever we’re trying to go for in the creative content of the work. I want to trust the team around it, whether it’s the director or the agency and all of the people involved.

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Are there any red flags when brands approach you with a partnership pitch?

Honesty is important and integrity is important, so any brand that isn’t that kind of brand—it’s not going to happen and we’re not going to work together. I want to feel like I can stake my credibility on whatever brand I’m working with. So, I care about honesty and integrity from the brand and making sure that they are good corporate citizens in the world as well. And we want to be very involved in the creative so that we feel like creatively, it represents me well in addition to representing the brand well.

You’ve already reached so many career landmarks. What is your next dream goal?

There are a few things that I would love to do. I want to be able to not just endorse brands, but launch my own brand. We already have a wine brand and other things are developing, so being able to launch a successful brand of my own would be exciting, and that’s definitely a goal of mine. Most of my goals are just—they sound simple, but just to get better at making music, getting better at performing, better at writing songs. Just to be better.