August 13, 2022

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Coke joins TikTok with a hashtag challenge

Beverage behemoth Coca-Cola is launching its official TikTok page.

To kick it off, Coke is starting a dance challenge, #ShareTheMagic, which features the song “Open” by Khalid, and choreography by Jalaiah Harmon. As part of the dance, there will be new Coke-branded TikTok effects that will let participants apply a #SharetheMagic lens to their video. The lens option is triggered by incorporating specific gestures and movements into their dance.

Joining TikTok is the latest example of Coke working to stay relevant with younger consumers. The TikTok challenge is a continuation of the brand’s “Real Magic” campaign that launched in September with an esports-themed ad that was not well received by the gaming community, with critics saying it was inauthentic, despite using real gamers. To keep up with the metaverse trend, Coke auctioned off four NFTs earlier this year. Coke is the latest big consumer packaged goods brand trying to find where it fits on TikTok, who’s users put a premium on authenticity. In October, Mattel worked with Attn to launch TikTok profiles for Barbie and Uno. 

Harmon is an Atlanta-based dancer and creative artist who created one of the first viral TikTok dances (“the Renegade”) when she was 14 years old, and was one of several Black creators on TikTok that spoke out about not being credited for the app’s viral dances.

Coke will have other creators, including those of color, promote the dance, and says it will compensate them, but declined to share specific figures. In general, brands have been pledging to invest more in minority-owned media, and have been working to have more creators of color represented, but those creators still say they are not always given the same opportunities.