August 13, 2022

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Ad Agencies can get an office in the metaverse in exchange for hiring this creative duo

The duo is open to various work in exchange for the office space and they’ve also promised any payment they receive will go to Crisis at Christmas, a charity that supports the homeless. 

“Totally into this creativity – Alex and Oliver have done it again,”  Geert Eichhorn, Media.Monks innovation director said. “But I’m not sure anyone can go around claiming they’re the first to secure a spot for agencies in the metaverse. (No matter how cool your avatar sunglasses are, or how dope your matching all-black virtual drip is.) After all, we built our office Minecraft back in 2020, and Sir Martin Sorrell is already meeting in the metaverse. Mad love for giving us the penthouse of the building though!”

“We don’t negotiate with virtual land pirates,” a spokesman for Mischief @ No Fixed Address added.

This type of stunt comes as the ad world has seen employees move into the freelance marketplace, which has become increasingly more crowded, making it a challenge for those looking to establish themselves.

“There’s a lot of competition out there and it’s important to set yourself apart,” Finel said. “What’s stressful about freelance is that you always want to stay in a job and not have any dry spells, which thankfully we haven’t had any extended periods of no work. It’s exciting to be freelance. It’s a bit scary that a lot of people are going into that direction as well, but it’s definitely nice having that freedom.”

Decentraland and its virtual competitors have seen a fair share of interest recently. In mid-November, the nation of Barbados announced an agreement with Decentraland to build a digital embassy in the metaverse. In late November A plot of virtual real estate on Decentraland’s Fashion Street sold for a record $2.4 million. Just last week, Adidas Originals announced it bought a space in Decentraland rival Sandbox.

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