October 5, 2022

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TikTok returns to CES—joining other in-person digital marketers

For marketers, CES 2022 will feature new categories, such as NFTs, highlighting the innovation made in the industry over the past year. Other notable topics, such as the use of augemented reality in retail and the potential of esports as a brand investment, will be featured as part of the conference, which has historically been an important occasion for advertisers to learn about new ways to connect with their audiences.

TikTok’s appearance follows a busy year for the short-form video platform in which it has grown its position as a formidable player in digital advertising. The platform continues to be a destination for brands looking to partner with creators, and has been bolstering areas like social commerce to meet the demand of online shopping. TikTok has also experimented with NFTs as a method of compensating creators, which could place it amidst the conversation around digital tokens happening at CES. 

Competing social media companies like Meta and Snap will also be exhibiting their ad offerings, a testament to brands’ increasing reliance on such platforms in order to reach digitally-minded consumers. Tech giants Amazon and Google will likewise be live in Las Vegas, having continued their dominance in yielding ad revenue through 2021.  

The metaverse is also likely to receive plenty of attention at this year’s conference. Meta (previously Facebook), which will return to CES as a completely rebranded company, has a lot of work to do with regards to convincing brands to follow it into the future. Microsoft, a company with its own ambitious vision for the metaverse, is another scheduled exhibitor.