May 21, 2022

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Tubi giving brands viewers they missed on linear TV

Data from TVSquared is providing a “seeing is believing” moment for brands, who have been turning to connected TV to reach audiences they miss with linear TV, said TVSquared CEO Jo Kinsella. She said studies over the past year have consistently shown strong performance for Tubi in reaching people other TV options miss. The next steps, she said, are brands putting more pressure on agencies to do more CTV advertising, but also to get audience measurement and attribution tools that can prove the impact.

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Beyond the incremental reach of Tubi, a surprise for Winn-Dixie was TVSquared attribution data showing that more than half of Tubi’s audience actually visited the retailer’s website, she said. For a grocery retailer that does very little of its business online, those website visits provide a good indicator of future foot traffic, Kinsella said.

Providing unduplicated reach is a key differantiator for the service, said Karl Dawson, VP of audience research at Tubi. Fewer than 70% of U.S. households have cable, and it’s rare for most TV advertisers to reach more than 30% to 40% of the nation, Dawson said. That generally means an overlap of only about 10% between Tubi and most advertisers’ linear TV audiences, he said.

TVSquared is one of several certified measurement partners Tubi has named, he said, and the service is open to naming more when there’s sufficient demand from agencies and brands.