May 21, 2022

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Peloton responds to ‘Sex and the City’ plot twist

Peloton Interactive Inc.’s most recent casualty isn’t just its share price, but a major character in the new series of “Sex and the City.”

The home fitness company, whose key product is an exercise bike, said it did not realize its product would be used as prop that led to the death of Mr. Big, who dropped dead after a 45-minute ride in the first episode “And Just Like That…”, which aired Thursday. 

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Peloton’s shares have dropped 73% this year as the U.S. reopening saps potential demand for at-home workouts.

A Peloton spokesman said in a statement that it knew its product would be used in the show, but not the storyline, adding that the bike wasn’t to blame for the cigar-smoking character’s fictional demise.