August 13, 2022

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E.l.f. Cosmetics’ TikTok movie holiday campaign

Through TikTok’s three-minute feature—released in July—e.l.f. is aiming to weave the year’s top trends into a longer narrative than it could with the platform’s standard one-minute (or shorter) videos. Still, the campaign’s success will largely depend on whether users are willing to engage with longer-form content on an app that specializes in short-form content.

“We’re leaning in on what’s new and current on the platform and testing and learning and figuring out what works [and] what doesn’t,” said O’Keefe.

TikTok continues to be central to e.l.f’s marketing as the brand looks for new and trendy ways to connect with its young audiences. Through 2019 and 2020, e.l.f. amassed billions of views that helped it make strides against larger competitors like L’Oréal and Estée Lauder Cos. Its affordability and e-commerce roots also contributed to its success during the pandemic.

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Elsewhere, the brand has dipped its toes into other forms of digital marketing, such as NFTs. For its holiday campaign last year, it created an original album that scored over 37 million streams across social platforms like Triller, TikTok and YouTube.

“What we learned last year is that entertainment, leaning into music and what makes the TikTok community tick is really what [users] love to see,” said O’Keefe.

Musical partnerships have extended these efforts. In September 2020, e.l.f. inked a deal with Alicia Keys to launch a new skincare line in 2021. It teamed with rapper Tierra Whack this past August for a mascara product titled “Big Mood”— which is referenced in the title of the new TikTok movie.