January 30, 2023

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Forever 21 starts virtual retail in Roblox metaverse

Metaverse fashion consultant

Retailers across categories have been flocking to Roblox in order to test out the metaverse and provide new branded experiences to young audiences. Ralph Lauren last week unveiled a winter-themed Roblox experience that featured ice-skating and a digital clothing collection. Nike and Gucci have also designed recent campaigns on the platform.

To help promote “Forever 21 Shop City” in Roblox, the retailer has teamed with creators who have crafted exclusive items and designed stores for the experience. @Builder_Boy, who has over 48,000 followers, will be the world’s metaverse fashion consultant.

As with other branded activations, “Forever 21 Shop City” includes elements designed to expand the experience into a social event. Four themed districts—yellow carpet, entertainment, obstacle course and food court—encourage users to meet up with friends, role play and discover hidden items. Yellow carpet, for example, receives players as they enter the world, offering celebrity treatment where avatars can pose in front of paparazzi and share their styles with friends and on social media.

Finally, the brand is hosting a series called “Forever 21 Days”—timed drops of new themed content and activities meant to sustain interest in the experience over time. The days will occur on the 21st of each month, beginning with Dec. 21, which will feature holiday-themed updates.

While Roblox boasts almost 50 million daily active users, that metric declined last month compared to October’s numbers, leading to a 12% dip in shares yesterday as November metrics were released, per CNBC. The decline was in-part due to a wide-scale outage on the platform between Oct. 28 and Oct. 31.

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