May 21, 2022

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Mediahub opens an office in the metaverse

Mediahub just launched an office in the metaverse that can serve as a virtual testing ground for its employees, a showcase for current and potential clients, and a recruiting tool. 

The office is located in Decentraland, which is a virtual metaverse platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. Along with the office, the Interpublic Group of Cos. media agency is launching its own discord channel which will be used as a new way of recruiting next-generation talent.

The project was created by the agency’s creative media group, Radical + Disruptive Lab, which in April named Laurel Boyd as its first chief creative media officer. Boyd had been leading the group since its inception five years ago.

Recruiting and clients

“We wanted a space where we could, as Mediahub have a presence because in the recruiting world everybody’s almost the same,” said Simeon Edmunds, senior VP and creative director at R+D Lab. “We all have the same snacks, unlimited time off the same tools and some big brands, with a few exceptions, that you could work on. One of the things that was also in the genesis of this conversation is what could we do that demonstrates that Mediahub is different from other agencies and this was a case where we said, ‘let’s do something that people can experience.’”

Each floor of the metaverse office is dedicated to a different theme. The first floor features recent agency projects, the agency’s mission, and recruiting tools such as a link to the agency’s open jobs. The third floor is dedicated to showcasing the utility of various NFT and metaverse activations, like Dinomonks, an NFT project focused on offering mental health services, and The Flower Project, an AI-generated female-focused charity project. Starting in January the floor will feature art from various underrepresented artists that don’t have a history in the metaverse, and are compensated by the agency. The art will change on a monthly basis.

The office is located in what is known as the platform’s Museum District, which features a host of art galleries and artists.