January 23, 2022

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2021 in Review: 5 things everyone was talking about

It’s magical every time a 12-foot skeleton or Tiger King captures the cultural consciousness. Time stands still as every agency and brand weighs in with a tweet or campaign spinoff. This year’s most talked about items range from the binge-worthy to the trend-worthy and the edible to the blockchain-able.

The metaverse and NFTs

To get the obvious out of the way first, 2021 is the year every brand went virtual. From Beeple’s $69 million NFT sale to Facebook’s Meta rebrand, the explosion of popularity for digital goods led brands from Taco Bell, Chipotle and Coke to Dunkaroos, Balenciaga and State Farm into the metaverse. As technology progresses and the metaverse transitions further from concept to reality, this trend is sure to make lists for years to come.

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‘Squid Game’

“Squid Game,” Netflix’s Korean game show murder-thon was its top performer in September. According to the streamer’s new analytics site, the show has racked up tens of millions of hours of viewership and remains on its top 10 list among non-English TV shows for the 13th week in a row. Brands took to social media to share spoofs of the show’s imagery, Louis Vuitton signed one of its stars and the theme song was a top sound on TikTok for weeks.

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