January 18, 2022

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TurboTax’s 2022 campaign shows it’s ready for influencers and crypto windfalls

TurboTax is looking to show how its tax software can handle new types of tax complexities like influencers’ earnings, professional gamers and cryptocurrency windfalls. 

Its new campaign, “You Do Your Thing,” highlights the more unusual potential tax claims this season and how TurboTax can make Tax Day less dreadful. 

“Many people believe that what makes them unique will make their taxes complicated, but for TurboTax Live tax experts, that just makes things interesting,” said Cathleen Ryan, VP of marketing for Intuit TurboTax, in a statement. “And with a network of thousands of tax experts, we have a TurboTax Live tax expert who can handle the complexities. From professional gamers and digital nomads to crypto investors and self-employed creators, TurboTax has the right tax experts for everyone’s unique, fun and crazy life.”

Like last year’s brand campaign, TurboTax’s latest focuses on TurboTax Live, an expert chat feature that the brand has pushed heavily during the pandemic, and shows how tax filers can use the feature to navigate things like a pandemic career change.