May 22, 2022

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CES 2022—What it’s like to be here in person

The spread of the omicron variant hasn’t sidelined the year’s first tentpole event, CES, but it has certainly affected it as hosts of companies from Amazon to Google, to General Motors cancelled plans to bring contingents to Las Vegas. Scores of people opted to attend virtually.

But the show has gone on for many who are physically present to witness some of the coming tech innovations that will shape marketing this year and beyond. We asked Jessica Norton, experiential producer at Media.Monks, to tell us what it is like to be in person at CES this year and how it compares to years past.

This year’s CES has a more mellow feel; the booths are still buzzy and vibrant, but lack the heavy crowds, congested traffic and tight hallways expected from years past, making this CES easy to navigate and connect one-on-one. With a smaller crowd in attendance, there’s less focus on parties and in-your-face tech, and more attention on genuine relationship-building. Everyone is wearing a mask, and safety is a top priority throughout the conference.

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