May 22, 2022

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Panoptica Pulls Back The Curtain On Celebrities’ Favorite Films For Google TV And Cashmere Adland®

“I hope people remember what I stood for,” says Liu. “Greater than just a name for myself. It’s a platform through which I can affect positive change in the world.”

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“It was a total pleasure working alongside both the Cashmere and Google teams and the collaboration had a really supportive feel,” concludes Panoptica Founder Hughes William Thompson. “Given the long-term nature of the campaign, it was a rare treat to be able to continuously refine our creative and production approaches with Cashmere and Google’s guidance. Our goal was to keep optimizing our resources and find ways to create more and more space for our talent to settle into the Google TV world and speak authentically. And I think the final product shows that we accomplished this with flair.”


Client: Google TV

Consumer Marketing: Ashley Lu, Stephanie Vaky

Brand Marketing: Charlotte Van Der Smeede, Tibby Iz


Creative Marketing Agency: Cashmere

Influencer Relations: Cashmere Originals


Production Company: Panoptica

​​Director: Samuel Miron

Founder: Hughes William Thompson

Executive Producer: Roan Bibby

Producer: Antonio Martinez


Editing company: FREDITOR

Editor: Fred Fouquet

Assistant Editor: Ruben Proenca


Editing company: Little Farm

Editor: Erwin Fraterman

Assistant Editor: Herbert Moran

Executive Producer: Therese Hunsberger

VFX Artist: Thom Reimerink


Music and Mix: Shaun Jacobs/Loki Entertainment


Color by BeachHouse


Music and Mix: Shaun Jacobs/Loki Entertainment


Still Photography: Day Reps

Photographer: Koury Angelo

Producer: Lyudmila Zotova

Retouching: Bluespace


About Panoptica: 

Since 2011, Panoptica has been plumbing the creative depths to bring innovative and eye-catching work to screens of every size. We are driven by a need to push the boundaries of visual storytelling by fostering the unique and diverse voices of our filmmakers. Working alongside our discerning clients, we excel as a production partner from ideation through post, and our global network allows us to offer solutions to virtually any creative problem. We’ve seen the future of entertainment and brand content, because WE SEE ALL.

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