May 20, 2022

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Thrive Market debuts first brand campaign amid online grocery surge

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As more consumers turned to online grocery shopping early on in the pandemic, and stuck with it, Thrive has seen its business grow. Online grocery use in 2021 grew 14% to 49% among 42,000 consumers surveyed by Supermarket News, which noted that it expects online grocery sales to surpass 20% of the total U.S. grocery business in the next five years. Yet brand awareness for Thrive is still low, according to Chief Marketing Officer Amina Pasha.

“We believe this campaign is the fastest way to drive our awareness and consideration,” she said, noting that the push is timed to the start of the new year as more consumers pursue health-filled goals and resolutions.

The new campaign is a departure from Thrive’s previous digital-only approach to marketing. Ads will run on TV and YouTube, and the push will include mailings and billboards in Los Angeles and New York—a first for the seven-year-old brand.

“We have never explored TV or streaming and know we can access a broader audience nationwide even as a direct-to-consumer brand, especially given how relevant our brand and messaging is nationwide and how difficult it is to access healthy and affordable groceries, especially in remote locations,” said Pasha.