October 5, 2022

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Taco Bell returns to Super Bowl after 5-year hiatus

Taco Bell last appeared in the Big Game in 2016 with a spot called “Bigger Than Futbol” which introduced the Quesalupa menu item. The brand cleverly generated buzz for the launch by taking pre-orders over the internet without having described the food; in the ad, a number of celebrities including James Harden, “Texas Law Hawk” Bryan Wilson, Star Trek’s George Takei, History Channel host Giorgio Tsoukalos, and the Brazilian soccer star Neymar discussed what the new sandwich would be “bigger than.”

Taco Bell this month launched a new loyalty scheme called the Taco Lover’s Pass whereby its fans could subscribe to receive any of seven different tacos for free every day for 30 days with a $10 subscription fee.

The announcement that Taco Bell was returning to the Super Bowl comes one day into the tenure of Sean Tresvant as the company’s new global chief brand officer. Tresvant, who formerly was chief marketing officer at Nike’s Jordan brand, succeeded Nikki Lawson in the role on Jan. 10.

Taco Bell is a division of Yum Brands, Louisville, Kentucky, which also controls the KFC, Pizza Hut and The Habit Burger Grill brands.