August 11, 2022

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Agency trends in 2022: metaverse, sustainability, future of work

 Another area cited the report, “The Future of Work,” indicates that a chief area of focus for agencies this year will be operating models, agency culture, remote work policies and finding better ways to hire and retain staff. According to the report, agency leaders will need to redefine the future of the agency office space, leaning more into a “flexible ambiance” and focusing on technology so that staff, clients and partners can continue to collaborate from remote locations. 

“Agencies are really grappling with what culture means,” said Kaplowitz. “Is it about people, is it about place? How do they think about that moving forward? And this idea of what is remote work—as we come up on year two [of the pandemic]—is this just something that will continue to evolve?” She added that the longer agencies work remotely, the harder it may be getting a “significant number of people to go back to an office.”

The launch of the multi-metaverse is another significant trend cited in the report, with agencies still working on how advertising will fit and best work in this emerging environment. “We’re going to have to start paying very close attention to this one,” said Kaplovitz.