August 13, 2022

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Eva Nosidam is Gary Vaynerchuk’s new production agency

The next step is volume. Brewster-Dorian said Eva Nosidam’s key is “taking the Vayner volume model—quick, fast—and putting the entertainment lens on it.”

She said the reason she was inspired to create Network Réseau nearly seven years ago was to address inefficiencies in the commercial production process. That’s the mindset that will fuel her leadership at Eva Nosidam, helped by the studio’s decked-out facilities. Located in Long Island City, New York, the company has full access to four fully-equipped sound stages, two black box theaters and event spaces to host music drops and video launches.

Many may be surprised at the absence of a “Vayner” prefix in the company’s name, but it’s not totally absent from its branding. Eva Nosidam’s logo, which features animated variants that swoop and swirl around the screen before settling into the shape of a woman cradling a child, is an homage to the founder’s mother, Tamara Vaynerchuk.

“Gary’s mom was an inspiration and it sounds like a female’s name, Eva,” said Brewster-Dorian.

Now that Eva Nosidam has officially debuted, Brewster-Dorian hopes brands will trust her vision of the future and that her work will instill a sense of curiosity within the industry.

“Our goal is not to compete with commercial production companies,” said Brewster-Dorian. “Our goal is to play in a space that the majority of them are not playing in.”

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