August 13, 2022

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See the most vicious tweets from Wendy’s ‘National Roast Day’

Wendy’s played the role of a vicious roastmaster over Twitter today. The occasion was National Roast Day, in which the fast food chain dares consumers and other brands to volunteer to be cut down with insults—a social media version of the tradition of comics roasting each other at famed venues like the Friar’s Club, or during Comedy Central’s televised roasts.

This was the fourth year Wendy’s has cracked the whip since 2018 (it skipped 2020); demonstrating once again there’s little brands won’t absorb in the name of viral social conversation. While brands talking to each other on Twitter is no longer original—it now occurs on a daily basis without much notice—Wendy’s tradition is unique enough that it still draws eyeballs. The brand worked on the stunt with agencies VMLY&R, Ketchum, and Spark Foundry.

Wendy’s restuarants this year are marking the occasion with deals on “hot and crispy” fries—served free with any purchase ordered through the Wendy’s mobile app through Feb. 27. The brand through Feb. 20 will also provide a free drink with the purchase of any breakfast sandwich as the chain looks to drum up business in the elusive morning daypart.

Following is a sample of the redhead’s sassiest burns of the afternoon. Give us the bat, Wendy.