January 14, 2022

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Why Gap is selling NFTs

“We are constantly evaluating opportunities to engage with platform partnerships that align with our values and provide a way for our customers to express themselves,” a Gap spokeswoman wrote via email.

A release noted that Gap selected Tezos, which touts its energy-efficient, open-source blockchain as carrying a low carbon footprint, as a partner because of the clothier’s commitment to sustainability. Indeed, the carbon emissions resulting from NFTs could be a continuing risk for brands that are trying to be more eco-conscious.

In a statement, Michele Park, senior director of women’s design at Gap, noted that the NFT collection is “just the tip of the iceberg” of what customers can expect to see from the brand in the digital space.

Earlier this week, Gap debuted its first TV spot for Kanye West’s Yeezy. The 30-second spot was an excerpt from West’s “Heaven and Hell” music video from his most recent album. The Yeezy work is another example of Gap’s efforts to inject newness and relatability into its 53-year-old brand.