February 6, 2023

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‘The Walking Dead’ finale sees killed-off characters revived in DoorDash, Ring ads

After the last of the five commercials airs on Sunday night, all of the participating brands as well as AMC and Reynolds will boost the spots on their individual social media accounts, likely capping off one of the final major marketing pushes tied to the apocalyptic series, which has been a force in the advertising and TV worlds for several years.

​​“Tapping into cultural moments like this AMC campaign allows us to show up in unexpected ways and bring some fun to our brand,” said Lindsey Scheftic, head of marketing for Ring.

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In light of steadily declining ratings since the show’s viewership peaked at around 17 million in its fifth season, “The Walking Dead” has continued to draw lucrative advertising investments as one of AMC’s most popular titles. Recent seasons have seen multi-million dollar integrations and sponsorship deals with brands including Mtn Dew, Bud Light and Microsoft.

While “The Walking Dead” has finally wrapped up its 12-year run, the franchise isn’t dying out completely. In addition to related programs like “Fear the Walking Dead,” which has been on the air since 2015 and was recently renewed for another season, at least three more “TWD” spin-offs are reportedly in the works: one that will follow Daryl to Europe, one focusing on Maggie and Negan in New York, and one about lovers Rick and Michonne. 


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