February 5, 2023

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R/GA elevates Shannon Washington to U.S. CCO of its largest practice

Washington previously served as senior VP, group executive creative director at R/GA, a role that won’t be filled, according to an agency spokesman. She was also the head of creative of R/GA’s New York office prior to the new model. Since joining the Interpublic Group of Cos. agency in 2020 she has led creative for clients such as the Ad Council, Google, Sephora, Samsung, and Uber.

Currently, R/GA’s Connected Communications practice, a division focused on creativity that has a media and technology focus, makes up about 50% of the agency’s business, according to Rolfe. R/GA’s Health practice and studio also sit within the communications division. Among the work turned out by the practice in the past is Reddit’s “Superb Owl” regional Super Bowl ad and Sephora’s “Black Beauty is Beauty,” according to an agency spokesman.

“Connected communications to me is where we take the very best that is out there for the community that we are talking to, and we figure out a way to piece it together in a way that’s not only effective and memorable, but it feels like it is tailored to what they need,” Washington said. “Going beyond just a 30-second spot and saying, ‘What’s a way that we can involve some interesting uses of media, some interesting uses of sound, some interesting uses of technology so that it becomes more than just another commercial.’”

Washington said the restructuring is already making a difference for R/GA. “I’ve seen the impact of the move almost instantaneously since about October and having new faces in the room and clients just saying, ‘I didn’t know you had all these people here,’” Washington said. “New York was one thing and it was the largest office, but there’s heat in Atlanta, there’s heat in Austin, there’s heat in California, there’s heat in Portland that we’ve been able to put under one roof and people are excited.”


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