February 6, 2023

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Belvedere Vodka Presents Daniel Craig

Listen, I love ads that are big and bombastic, and creative. Add some handsome actor to that, plus music, and the handsome actor dancing, well you could pretty much sell me an igloo vacation home. 

We open on Daniel Craig, being all stoic with his back turned, but then he fights a sea of paps to get into his chauffeured car. When he exits the same car, everything has changed, he’s dressed to the nines in black and dances through the hotel. Note, he’s quite fit – wonder how many hours he spends at the gym? Anyway, let’s not get distracted but fit people dancing look you know, very good, so all of this is eye candy from glorious color to scenery and details. 

It kind of lacks the surprise, or perhaps it’s the music edit that made Fatboy Slim’s video for “Weapon Of Choice” with Christopher Walken so great. Only a few years after that, Sweden had an actor of similar caliber dancing for the insurance company Vasakronan, which I badlanded here.

Later, Hugh Jackman put on his dancing shoes and shook his money maker for ice tea, which was fun and looked like a Broadway production. Yet another unexpectedly good dancer actor!

Then model Margaret Qualley danced for Kenzo in a similar single manner as in the Fat Boy slim music video …and we kind of thought it was going to stop. Or hoped it would.


Oh, how wrong we were. Here we go again. Fun, but not original. 


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