February 6, 2023

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Mrs. Hayes – Chevy (2022) 5:00 (USA) Adland®

The story of Mrs. Hayes is as much of a story about her prized possession, a 1957 chevy in mint green and white. Her ‘57 Chevy Nomad has been with her since she saw her husband off to his risky job in the army, which as the triangle flag tells us later, is how she lost him. 

Despite this loss, she moves into an adorable-looking house on a street where children play together in the 70s, and with a slightly stern word protecting her car and a generous gift of skates for all, she’s now the entire street’s adoptive grandmother. Billy, the kid who initially hurts her car by smashing a baseball into it, also learns from her how to fix cars. And he is the one who finds her, today, in a parking lot after Christmas shopping, not able to start her beautiful classic car. 

Chevrolet chief marketing officer Steve Majoros said in a statement: “Nearly everyone has a Chevrolet story, and we feel fortunate to have genuine connections with so many. We call this our holiday card to America.”

I learned from this that 1950s Chevys are cars that last forever, with the right care, and yeah, I suppose that everyone has a Chevrolet story when their cars last that long. 


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