September 30, 2023

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Vintage Rides – Let’s Ride (2022) (France) Adland®

We are driven by adventure. It pushes us past our comfort zone, to reach out to others, and to question our prejudices. In a way, every adventure makes us a little better. And this is Vintage Rides’ mission: to make everyone an adventurer.


With that in mind, the company – which offers to live adventures on motorbikes all through the world – asked JackFlash to put into words and images this spirit of discovery, togetherness, and freedom. Using rushes from everywhere in the world gathered during 17 exciting years of travel, we created a poetic, emotional campaign that embodies Vintage Rides’ values.


We are particularly proud to announce this new digital campaign, produced and directed by James Hagger within Jackflash. Its name itself is a call to adventure: Let’s Ride.


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