February 6, 2023

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Mint Mobile marketers on working with Ryan Reynolds and thriving as a challenger brand

Welcome to Ad Age Remotely, a streamed video segment focusing on the issues of the day.

In the past few years, Ryan Reynolds and his agency, Maximum Effort, have delivered a master class on how to quickly make ads that break into pop culture, generate laughs and—most importantly—deliver valuable consumer impressions for brands ranging from Peloton and Aviation Gin to Kraft Mac and Cheese.

On today’s episode of Ad Age Remotely, we learn how Maximum Effort has spurred interest in Mint Mobile, the wireless brand in which Reynolds bought an ownership stake in late 2019. On the episode, Mint Mobile Chief Marketing Officer Aron North and Maximum Effort Co-Founder George Dewey share insights and marketing advice with Ad Age News Editor E.J. Schultz.


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