February 5, 2023

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Nielsen reorganizes into three units, five top executives depart

“It’s helpful that he’s been at Microsoft, started Clypd, been outside and looked at it from a lot of different angles and worked with a lot of the other players in measurement,” Kenny said. “There’s been a lot of focus on different ways to measure outcomes, and his experience I think is going to help take it to the next level.”

Mazumdar, Kenny said, is leaving because “he’s interested in more of a pure research role.” Mazumdar did not respond to a request for comment.

Also departing in the reorganization are Chief Commercial Officer Peter Bradbury, Chief Growth Officer and President of International Sean Cohan, Chief Product Officer Eric Bosco and Chief People Officer Laurie Lovett. Cohan declined to comment, and Bradbury, Bosco and Lovett did not return a request to comment. 

Kenny said the executives decided to leave because their company-wide roles in the U.S. or globally were no longer available and they weren’t interested in taking roles with the three new business units.

One person familiar with the moves noted that Nielsen being taken private by a consortium led by Elliott Investment Management and Brookfield Business Partners triggered substantial payouts for senior managers, giving those leaving an opportunity to seek new roles outside the company.

The new structure is not about cutting costs under new private-equity ownership, Kenny said, noting that the ownership group includes people who’ve long been involved with Nielsen as major shareholders.

“We’ve gotten more precise about our priorities, and I start with measurement quality, which is what our brand is built on,” Kenny said. “We will do nothing that gets in the way of that. In order to keep funding that, if there are other things that maybe aren’t as essential, we’ll certainly look at being more efficient.”

The executive departures, delay in MRC re-accreditation and pace of beginning audits of components that go into Nielsen One have led some in the industry to question whether the company is meeting its timeline for rolling out the new product in 2022 with a mind toward its use as currency in 2024.

But Kenny said nothing has changed in the schedule. “We’re certainly planning to give impact data, and we’ll go back and calculate that historically,” he said. “It’s very much moving on schedule. We also want to make sure that we continue to work with the MRC to accredit the current product and then accredit what’s behind it. … I haven’t seen a reason for it not to continue on the schedule we laid out a couple of years ago.”


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