February 5, 2023

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Why a $13 Aldi dress is going viral

Last year Aldi gained a million new customers and saw sales at its existing stores rise by double digits, according to a September press release. As inflation has squeezed consumers’ wallets, more higher-income shoppers are turning to Aldi’s for lower prices to cut down on their grocery bills. The Find aisle has an extra layer of urgency when it comes to purchases because of their scarcity.

“If there’s limited time and limited assortment, people rush to get things as soon as they can,” Kodali said.

The dress was only available in stores for a week or two, a spokesperson told “Good Morning America.”

But it “was a hit with Aldi customers all over the U.S. as it flew off our shelves,” the spokesperson said. “We intentionally release a limited amount of these new food and non-food items to see how they resonate with customers—and it’s clear that this dress was a hit.”

Aldi will be “introducing more unexpected finds in 2023,” the spokesperson said. 

The grocer did not immediately respond to an Ad Age request for comment.


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