February 6, 2023

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How a payables software firm continued revenue growth after pandemic boom


What kind of impact did this have?

We were able to qualify leads better and find signs of purchase intent better so that just pushed everything forward. Compared to previous campaigns, we not only had more qualified leads, but we also had more Sales qualified opportunities. It’s important to focus on opportunities and bookings over leads. We can get leads all day as marketers, but what matters is that these leads turn into bookings.

We also found that account-based management (ABM) really helped increase our annual contract value per new customer.  

How did crystallize Tipalti’s brand purpose?

We started at the top, interviewed all our C-level executives, brought in a writer and a consultant to help us out. We didn’t bring an agency in because this wasn’t meant to be a big-budget project. We did interviews internally, with customers, and we had the consultant interview customers so that they could be upfront and share their real feelings about how they perceive the brand. After that we did a competitive analysis, then we brought it all together.

What is the purpose?

The internal message is “We free finance to lead the modern business.” Finance can identify trends in the business and bring opportunities to the business for growth. They see it all. If they’re doing a lot of manual functional tasks and not automating them, they’re not becoming a more strategic function, so that’s what we took from that. The external message could be what we have on our site now, which is “Transform your finance team.” It’s more action-oriented; it means something to someone on the other side.

How did you engage employees with the brand purpose?

We went through the background of the “what” and “why” with the executives. Then we did the same thing with managers and other leaders. We did marketing training; we did sales training and then we had the all-hands reveal with the CEO.


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